Charter Connections: Community Gardening

Why not volunteer or participate in a community garden as a way to show that you support the food charter? We put this activity under “Foster residents health and well-being”. Why you ask?
Participating in a community garden can foster health and well-being in multiple ways. These can include pCommunity gardenhysical health (for example, you’re being much more active outside in the garden than you would be at home on the couch; you’re potentially working on your flexibility or maybe lifting some heavy bags of soil to build muscle) but also mental health (for example, being outside with nature can help to relieve stress; connecting with people and feeling connected to your community, and ‘giving something back’ can be rewarding).
In addition to physical and mental health, many studies have shown that people who garden tend to eat more fruit and vegetables. If you’re volunteering in a garden or if you have a plot, you likely have access to produce.
Can you think of more benefits? These are only some of the benefits of community gardens as they relate to health and well-being! There are also economic, environmental, social and educational benefits.

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