Time for Local Food

Do YOU know where your food is from? It’s that time of year when many delicious, nutritious fruit and vegetables are available from within our communities. So it’s a perfect chance to highlight the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve’s Local Food Guide: Grown by the Bay. The Local Food Guide can help you find where to … More Time for Local Food

SEED-The Secret Extremely Endangered Species

Guest post by Monika Hotson Why talk about seeds? Seeds represent and give life. They are able to preserve the past, and bring necessities for the future. It is important now more than ever to talk about seeds and the many disappearing varieties because of today’s climate change dilemma. Seeds: A disappearing act. NOT a magical … More SEED-The Secret Extremely Endangered Species

2016 in Review

It’s a good idea to reflect on things you’ve done and to try to apply your learnings to future endeavors. So let’s reflect on what the Parry Sound & Area Food Collaborative (PSAFC) did in 2016! Presented at the Chamber of Commerce’s ‘Business Over Breakfast’ networking event at Canadore College (January, local caterer Mrs Wilson’s … More 2016 in Review

Waste Not, Want Not

Written by Grace Hunter Canada has a rotten habit of producing an enormous amount of food waste. Every year, more than 31 billion dollars worth of food goes to waste, more than half of which comes from people throwing out food in their homes. This wastes not only food but the resources needed for food … More Waste Not, Want Not

The Buzz About Bees

Written by: Grace Hunter Summer is in full swing and with it comes the arrival of delicious local fruits and veggies. A lot of work goes into growing fresh produce – farmers till soil, water seedlings, and yank out weeds. However, people aren’t the only ones hard at work – bees play an essential role … More The Buzz About Bees

Food Labs Recap

Quick background: a lab is “a process, one that is intended to support multi stakeholder groups in addressing a complex social problem”. Complex problems cannot be solved by a single actor or solution. Core characteristics of social labs include: a) Drawing participants from a wide variety of backgrounds , sectors, and experiences b) Experimenting with … More Food Labs Recap

Food Lab Sparks Community Voice on Local Food

The Parry Sound & Area Food Collaborative recently held the first of two Food Labs in Parry Sound in partnership with volunteer organizers from Studio [Y] at the MaRS Discovery District. The goal was to develop innovative strategies to support a sustainable and equitable food system in the Parry Sound area. Participants have opportunities to … More Food Lab Sparks Community Voice on Local Food

Charter Connections: Community Gardening

Why not volunteer or participate in a community garden as a way to show that you support the food charter? We put this activity under “Foster residents health and well-being”. Why you ask? Participating in a community garden can foster health and well-being in multiple ways. These can include physical health (for example, you’re being … More Charter Connections: Community Gardening