Time for Local Food

Do YOU know where your food is from? It’s that time of year when many delicious, nutritious fruit and vegetables are available from within our communities. So it’s a perfect chance to highlight the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve’s Local Food Guide: Grown by the Bay.

The Local Food Guide can help you find where to buy a local turkey, a bushel of tomatoes, or maple syrup. Why not highlight the amazing flavours from local fare this Thanksgiving? Show off your local food feast to friends and family- and get them on board! If everyone in Ontario spent only $10 per week on local food, we could create 10,000 new jobs and add $2.4 billion into our local economies in one calendar year!

Why bother with local you ask?

  • Local food is fresher and tastes great. Foods imported from other locations are often picked before they are ripe and forced ripened during shipping.
  • Buying foods from local farmers helps your family understand where their food comes from and will connect you to people who produce the food you eat.
  • Buying products close to home is good for the environment because it reduces pollution from extra packaging and transportation. It also preserves farmland in the community. Feeding a community this way supports economic, environmental, social and nutritional well-being.

Are you growing or harvesting food in this area? Do you see yourself on the map? If not, let us know! Email info@gbbr.ca with your information.

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