The Cost of Healthy Eating

The cost of healthy eating for an individual in the Parry Sound District is $297/month. After food and housing costs, an individual on social assistance is left with a debt of -$67 and still has to pay for heat, hydro, telephone, child care, transportation, hygiene costs, clothing, out-of-pocket health costs and any other basic expenses.

How can we expect someone to be healthy? Social assistance rates are not adequate and need to be raised, indexed to inflation and reflective of the costs of living in the Parry Sound District.

What can you do? Scroll down for a Letter template you can send to your MPP to ask for change.

Below is a Letter template for you to use! The letter is to support increasing household incomes (through increased social assistance rates and a basic income guarantee) to reduce food insecurity in our community.

This letter template is intended to be used by any member of the public to show your support for adequate income, employment, housing and transportation that ensure dignified and secure access to food. Feel free to add your own lived experience to the letter.

Please download, print and sign this letter – then send off to your MPP. Mail to:
Norm Miller
Room 440, Main Legislative Building, Queen’s Park
Toronto, Ontario M7A 1A8