Waste Not, Want Not

Written by Grace Hunter
Canada has a rotten habit of producing an enormous amount of food waste. Every year,
more than 31 billion dollars worth of food goes to waste, more than half of which comes from people throwing out

food in their homes. This wastes not only food but the resources needed for food production like soil and water. As well, your bank account ends up suffering if a large proportion of the food you spend money on ultimately ends up in the garbage can.

o-food-waste-facebookWhy are people so prone to wasting food?
Part of the problem stems from a general lack of awareness of food waste and how to combat it. When researchers from Ohio State University surveyed 500 Americans on issues of food waste, they found that 51% of respondents thought that it would be challenging to reduce their food waste, and 42% felt they didn’t have the time to worry about the problem.

Curtailing food waste does require some extra effort to change the way we behave at the
grocery store and in our kitchens. Take the time to take stock of your pantry cupboards before you go to the grocery store; make a list beforehand of what you need and stick to it. Never go shopping on an empty stomach, as this only encourages extra spending. Make sure groceries are stored properly at your home to ensure a long shelf life, and don’t be afraid to experiment with re-purposing leftovers into new dishes. At the end of the day, your wallet and the environment will thank you for taking these small steps to reduce food waste.

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