What Can You do to Support the Local Food System?

By Lindsay Leduc, dietetic intern
Have you checked out our Action Toolkits yet? There are lots of great, concrete suggestions on how to support a healthy and sustainable food system in your community. There are suggestions if you are an eater, a grower, a local business or institution, or a school.
Today, we’re going to look at my favourite ways, as an eater, to support my community’s initiatives:

  1. Visiting the farmer’s market or local stores. This one is probably my favourite as it’s something I really enjoy doing. I love being able to talk to local farmers and get to know them.
  2. Sharing my knowledge. As a nutrition student and dietetic intern, I really enjoyed getting involved in community gardens, as well as teaching gardening and cooking to children in the community. There is lots of great teaching that come with cooking and gardening for kids!
  3. Eating seasonally. Not only does it taste the best, it’s great knowing that my produce came from Ontario and was picked at peak ripeness. I have Foodland Ontario’s chart posted on my fridge at home so I know what’s in season throughout the year! See it at: http://www.ontario.ca/foodland/page/availability-guide
  4. Sharing healthy recipes that use in-season produce. I love sharing recipes with friends and family on social media. Vice versa, I love when they share recipes as well; it always gives me inspiration for dinners.
  5. Participating in local food festivals. This always makes for a fun weekend. Trying new foods, and spending time checking out there different kiosks with people that you love are really enjoyable and you are supporting your local economy.

What are your favourite ways to support your community’s food system?

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