Food Labs Recap

Quick background: a lab is “a process, one that is intended to support multi stakeholder groups in addressing a complex social problem”. Complex problems cannot be solved by a single actor or solution. Core characteristics of social labs include: a) Drawing participants from a wide variety of backgrounds , sectors, and experiences b) Experimenting with … More Food Labs Recap

Food in Parry Sound: A Community Perspective

By Jessica Nicksy I recently set out to find out what people in Parry Sound & Area think about food: where it’s going, where we’ve come from, and what needs to change. I interviewed about 40 people from across the food system: farmers, small business owners, non-profits, town and township councilors,  food and social service users. … More Food in Parry Sound: A Community Perspective

Charter Connections: Community Gardening

Why not volunteer or participate in a community garden as a way to show that you support the food charter? We put this activity under “Foster residents health and well-being”. Why you ask? Participating in a community garden can foster health and well-being in multiple ways. These can include physical health (for example, you’re being … More Charter Connections: Community Gardening

What Can You do to Support the Local Food System?

By Lindsay Leduc, dietetic intern Have you checked out our Action Toolkits yet? There are lots of great, concrete suggestions on how to support a healthy and sustainable food system in your community. There are suggestions if you are an eater, a grower, a local business or institution, or a school. Today, we’re going to … More What Can You do to Support the Local Food System?

Meet Your (Local) Maker

Meet Your Local Maker Speed dating took on a “local flavor” when area farmers, chefs and other food-related businesses met at Canadore College on Tuesday, Nov 24th. The Meet Your Local Maker event was organized by the Parry Sound & Area Food Collaborative, Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve, and Parry Sound Area Chamber of Commerce. The … More Meet Your (Local) Maker