Rethinking Kitchen Waste

I have made a commitment to use my compost bin to collect my kitchen waste like vegetable and fruit peels, banana skins and tea bags. Even in the winter I have kept open the path to my outdoors compost bin and take comfort in knowing that come the warm weather my pile will start to decompose. With some TLC like forking and a bit of natural accelerator my garden thrives with my year old compost.

Composting question mark
Before I commit my waste to that compost there are a few things that can be done to maximize the usefulness … save squeezed citrus halves for future stock or broth recipes. Add squeezed citrus halves to meat marinades. Carefully zest citrus rinds allow it to dehydrate and use the zest. Ginger root peels can be added to boiling water to make tea—sweeten to taste with honey or simple syrup. Carrot and radish tops can be well rinsed then blended into a vegetable pesto that’s a surprising break from the usual basil-and-pine-nut routine. If you are adventurous you can try pickling watermelon rinds.

Written by Amy Campbell, Community Health Promoter and Professional Home Economist

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