A Visit to a Local Farm: Interview with Katy Ward from Middle River Farm


Farm Owners: Cameron & Katy Ward

Tell us a little about yourselves. How did the farm start? What is your history?

The Ward family purchased the property in 1964. It started as a Horse Back Riding stable and eventually transformed into a cattle farm. We (Cameron and Katy) have been raising livestock and caring for the farm since 1985. Since then, the farm has taken on many changes. We now produce a lot more than just cattle!

What does your farm/your family value?

Middle River Farm values high quality, ethically raised products. This is not the “easy” way of raising farm animals, but it is the right way. We raise our animals in a way that works best for the environment, the animals, and for us. We take pride in our farm and all of our products.

What kind of products do you produce?

We raise chickens (broiler and egg-laying), turkeys, pigs, and cows.

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What are your farming practices? (E.g. sustainable, organic, pesticide usage, animal feed, etc.)

All of the animals are slow raised on grass and grains that are free of GMO and antibiotics. The pastures, in which the all animals graze, are free of chemical fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides. We have applied for an artisanal farming license to be recognized as a small farming business for selling chickens.

Where do you sell your products?


We sell our products out of our Farm Store, located just minutes away from the farm. We sell a variety of cuts of beef, pork, and poultry. Ask us about our Mixed Meat Freezer Packages and preordering your products. Please see our website for store hours.

We also sell farm eggs, Manitoulin fish, as well as soap, candles, and preserves made from by-products from the farm.

Is there anything else you would customers/readers to know about your farm/family?

Come to The Farm Store to check out our products. We also love giving tours of the farm so you can see exactly where/how our products are raised.

Location: Center Road, McKellar, Ontario

Phone: 705-389-3326

Website: Middleriverfarm.com

Facebook: Middle River Farm


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