Connecting Over Food While Apart

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about how this holiday season will be different because of COVID-19. For me, cooking with family members, sharing meals together, and passing along food traditions is a big part of the holidays. No matter which winter holiday(s) you celebrate – for example, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Réveillon, Christmas, and Kwanzaa – food usually plays a central role.   … More Connecting Over Food While Apart

Don’t be a Turkey this Thanksgiving, Practice Food Safety!

By Michelle Lane, Dietetic Intern Every year about 4 million, that’s 1 in 8, Canadians are affected by food-borne illness a year. There are several more cases that may not have even been reported. Food borne-illness can range from an upset stomach to a hospital visit. Bacteria are naturally found on many foods, especially raw … More Don’t be a Turkey this Thanksgiving, Practice Food Safety!

Food Labs Recap

Quick background: a lab is “a process, one that is intended to support multi stakeholder groups in addressing a complex social problem”. Complex problems cannot be solved by a single actor or solution. Core characteristics of social labs include: a) Drawing participants from a wide variety of backgrounds , sectors, and experiences b) Experimenting with … More Food Labs Recap

Meet Your (Local) Maker

Meet Your Local Maker Speed dating took on a “local flavor” when area farmers, chefs and other food-related businesses met at Canadore College on Tuesday, Nov 24th. The Meet Your Local Maker event was organized by the Parry Sound & Area Food Collaborative, Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve, and Parry Sound Area Chamber of Commerce. The … More Meet Your (Local) Maker