The Buzz About Bees

Written by: Grace Hunter Summer is in full swing and with it comes the arrival of delicious local fruits and veggies. A lot of work goes into growing fresh produce – farmers till soil, water seedlings, and yank out weeds. However, people aren’t the only ones hard at work – bees play an essential role … More The Buzz About Bees

Food Labs Recap

Quick background: a lab is “a process, one that is intended to support multi stakeholder groups in addressing a complex social problem”. Complex problems cannot be solved by a single actor or solution. Core characteristics of social labs include: a) Drawing participants from a wide variety of backgrounds , sectors, and experiences b) Experimenting with … More Food Labs Recap

Food in Parry Sound: A Community Perspective

By Jessica Nicksy I recently set out to find out what people in Parry Sound & Area think about food: where it’s going, where we’ve come from, and what needs to change. I interviewed about 40 people from across the food system: farmers, small business owners, non-profits, town and township councilors,  food and social service users. … More Food in Parry Sound: A Community Perspective

Food Lab Sparks Community Voice on Local Food

The Parry Sound & Area Food Collaborative recently held the first of two Food Labs in Parry Sound in partnership with volunteer organizers from Studio [Y] at the MaRS Discovery District. The goal was to develop innovative strategies to support a sustainable and equitable food system in the Parry Sound area. Participants have opportunities to … More Food Lab Sparks Community Voice on Local Food

Charter Connections: Community Gardening

Why not volunteer or participate in a community garden as a way to show that you support the food charter? We put this activity under “Foster residents health and well-being”. Why you ask? Participating in a community garden can foster health and well-being in multiple ways. These can include physical health (for example, you’re being … More Charter Connections: Community Gardening